Pril - Washing up liquid with lemon - Limonlu bulasik deterjani

Lemon 5+ Effect
Easy remove of fat, grease, oil and burns
Number 1 choice in Turkey
Protects from bad smell
Pril, Turkey's first liquid dishwashing detergent, has been providing excellent cleaning and eye-catching shine on dishes since 1973. Pril, Turkey's first hand washing dish detergent brand, also demonstrates its superior strength in the dishwasher detergent category. Pril is your biggest assistant for deep cleaning and eye-catching results in the dishwasher.

Pril Power 5+ Effect Turkey's number 1 dishwashing liquid Pril's most powerful formula ever! The new Pril Power 5+ Effect helps to clean it effortlessly by reaching the oil deeply thanks to its new formula with self-oil dissolving feature. It easily destroys dried and burned dirt with the powerful enzymes it contains. It is economical thanks to its dense and long-lasting foam. Its lemon-scented special content prevents bad odors on your dishes and makes your kitchen smell good.

Is Pril a biodegradable dish soap?
To give a short answer to this question: Yes, Pril is a biodegradable dishwashing liquid since all surfactants in the detergent are biodegradable (OECD Test 301). So what exactly does biodegradable mean? This means dishwashing liquid is biodegradable without harming the environment. In other words, there will be no toxic substances, chemicals or other harmful substances in the soil that will harm plants, animals or even humans. In addition, biodegradable substances such as Pril Pro Nature dishwashing detergent can decompose quickly without the need for years. So you can have a lot of peace of mind while you wash your dishes while camping.

Pril contains enzymes; they are completely natural and biodegradable. These substances help remove stubborn food residues and stains such as:

- Eggs
- Jams
- Potatoes, Rice and Vermicelli
- Icecream
- Pudding

Dish soaps containing enzyme liquids can clean your dishes without rubbing too much, and they can achieve this at low temperatures without harming the environment. Another aspect where Pril makes a difference is that it does not contain harsh substances such as phosphates. Phosphates do not decompose like enzymes and often get into waterways and soil, damaging living things such as algae, fish and plants.

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