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15 x Cig Kofte - Traditional Steak Tartar A La Turca - Cigkofte (Veggie)

Cigkoftem ( ÇiğKöftem ) is the well know best Cig Kofte maker in Turkey. 100% Vegan 15 Pieces of Kofte. All freshly hand made. Cigkoftem branded. Comes with Salad, Lemon, Pomegranate Sauce, 2 Lavas Bread (Naan Bread). Made from seasonally collected, naturally dried seasonings and herbs. It has an ideal taste with its balanced seasonings. Comes as Hot and Plain please do not forget to select the type. Shipping everywhere in the United Kingdom using refrigerated packaging for freshenes. 

Burcu Tomato Paste / Domates Salcasi - Salça 830g

Tomato Paste / Domates Salcasi 830g

1 Quince - Ayva

1 Fresh Quince / Ayva

Efepasa Guven Slice Sausage Sucuk 250g

Efepasa Guven Slice Sausage Sucuk 250g
£6.99 £4.69

Eti Tutku Mosaic Biscuits with Cacao Cream - 100g

Here is the real passion! A wonder from ETİ becoming a passion with its delicious fluid cocoa cream inside mosaic patterned cookie. You can not resist it with its delicious fluid cocoa cream inside two-color cocoa and plain dough.

Halal Certified
Vegeterian (No animal products are used in production)
Kosher Certified
Origin: Turkey

Seyidoglu strawberry turkish jam - cilek receli 380g

Seyidoglu strawberry turkish jam - cilek receli 380g


"Prune is very rich in vitamins and minerals just like the other Bahçeden products. Vitamin groups of A, C, B are valuable in terms of potassium, magnesium, phosphor and iron. It is especially ideal for the irregularity of digestion system. In addition to this, it is good for rheumatism; but its most important feature is its rich estrogen content. Therefore, it is a crucial support for women during menopause."

100% Natural - Seedless

Copper Turkish coffee pot/cezve - Medium

Copper Turkish coffee pot - cezve
Size: Medium
serves 2-3
£7.99 £6.59

Peyman Nutzz - Popcorn Maize with Barbecue Sauce - Barbeku Soslu Misir Cerezi

Nutzz Barbecue Sauce Corn Cookie flavored with special sauces is the perfect accompaniment to pleasant moments.

Çaykur Rize Cayi Turkish Black Tea 500g

Çaykur Rize Cayi Turkish Black Tea 500g

Dalan Antique Turkish Olive Oil Soap

Dalan Antique Turkish Olive Oil Soap - 150g
£2.52 £2.29

Isot - Red Pepper Flakes 100g

Natural taste from the best of crop
Origin: Turkey
£1.99 £1.69

Meray CASHEW NUT RAW - 300g

£6.59 £5.49

Ulker Halley Chocolate Mini Biscuits 77g

Halal Certified
Kosher Certified
£0.96 £0.80

Meray ANTEP Pistachio - 150g

£4.99 £4.49

Eti Topkek - Orange Cake - Portakalli Kek - 40g

Everybody from 7 to 70 likes it with its natural orange marmalade. At work, school, on road; ETİ Topkek with Orange is with you everywhere.


Naturally Healthy As Coming from Bahçeden... Ideal for those who want to eat healthily and stay in shape... Now your meals are much healthier and more delicious with Bahçeden unroasted nuts and fruits. 100% Natural - Seedless

Marmarabirlik Black Olives - Hiper Large - Salamura (Tin) - 800g

Marmarabirlik Oily Black Olive is a whole, sessile olive variety.
Size:Hiper Large
Origin: Turkey

Lays Piquant Paprika - Kirmizi Biberli Cips

One of the greatest Turkish snack products. Paprika Lay's Potato Chips

75 years of experience that brings a great smile on your face

Knorr - Spicy Seasoning with Vegetables - Sebzeli Cesni - 120g

Knorr spicy vegetable seasoning designed to make your meat and vegetable dishes more enjoyable.

Knorr Chicken Broth Stock Cube - Tavuk Bulyon - 120g

Knorr Chicken Broth Stock Cube - Tavuk Bulyon