Delivery Information


Standard UK Delivery from £5.69 

Delivery Cost:

All UK deliveries cost standard £5.69 including VAT. For other countries you need to go to check out and see the cost in the very end before the last confirmation. Please note: You won't be charged until the last confirmation.

Some orders may have slighlty higher prices and that is due to the heavy items in your cart. Anything above 15kg will cost £7.99 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using "Leave A Message" from the bottom-right corner of the website or use our direct line +447-444-034915. You can also get in touch with us using either Text Message or WhatsApp, in case our lines are busy.

Important Delivery Information

Lockdown Update: We are delivering as day usual. Once your order is shipped it takes only 1-2 working days to deliver. We are providing a fast and reliable delivery everywhere in UK, Ireland, Islands and Highlands.



After shipment, you receive an email with a tracking detail which gives you live update about the status of your delivery. You can also reach to this information under  My Account / Orders section.

Removing unnecessary plastics is a priority for us and something we know is equally important to our customers. We’re removing unnecessary packaging in our supply chain where we can, and introducing alternative packaging materials to make recycling easier for customers.

We are providing Chilled packaging for good those require a low tempreture envrionment. They last very long and keep all your goods in great condition.


Important Product Notice; some of the brands may not be available as there is high demand due to Covid-19 and we may replace them with other brands. Please let us know if that is not what you wish to have via [email protected]

Get In Touch 
If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using "Leave A Message" from the bottom-right corner of the website or use our direct line +447-444-034915. You can also get in touch with us using either Text Message or WhatsApp, in case our lines are busy.


We deliver to:

In and around UK: England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Scottish Highlands, 

Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Philippines, America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and more...

Delivery to Islands:

We deliver to all islands around UK;

Brownsea Island, Burgh Island, Isle of Alderney, Isle of Anglesey, Isle of Arran,  Isle of Coll, Isle of Islay, Isle of Jersey, Isle of Jura, Osle of Gigha, Isle of Lewis and Harris,  Isle of Lundy,  Isle of Man, Isle of Mull, Isle of Portland,  Isle of Rum, Isle of Tiree, Isle of Tresco,  Isle of Sark, Isle of Skye, Isle of St. Martins, Isle of Wight, Hayling Island,  Guernsey Island, St Mary’s Isles of Scilly, Foula, Shetland Islands, Rathlin Island, St Kilda Island and all the list in here

There may be delays depending on the item availability. If there is any issue, we always immediately get in touch with you. 

Delivering your order to the main entrance of the delivery address. At your request, our driver may carry your order into the delivery address, for example, to a particular floor in an apartment block or into your kitchen but only if: a. the driver has your permission and b. our driver believes that it is safe and practical to do as you request. We always reserve the right to deliver only to the main entrance of the delivery address.

Our grocery delivery service covers most UK residential addresses with individual postcodes. Selected caravan parks, camp sites and holiday homes may be excluded, please check your postcode on the website.


If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you.
If you were to make an order of 10 bottles of wine which would use up all that store's stock, the store may only deliver 5 bottles.
We will refund the money for those products that are not delivered.

Collection & Deliveries

We will make one attempt to deliver a Consignment during normal working hours. If we cannot obtain a delivery receipt at the Delivery Point you agree that we shall be authorised to attempt to;

(a)  deliver the Consignment to, or obtain a delivery receipt from, an alternative address close to the Delivery Point; or

(b)  deliver the Consignment to a safe location at the Delivery Point

and (if successful) we agree that we will leave at the Delivery Point details of the address or safe location to which we have delivered the Consignment.

 If we are unable to deliver to the Delivery Point, a nearby address or a safe location, we shall return the Consignment to our premises and leave a request for the recipient of the Consignment to contact us to make alternative delivery arrangements to the Delivery Point.  If the recipient does not contact us to arrange the alternative delivery within 7 days we will return the Consignment to you at your cost (such cost to be discharged before delivery to you).

If we consider that the Consignment has become a Damaged Consignment and cannot be delivered because it is or in our reasonable opinion is likely to be unsafe hazardous or harmful we reserve the right to dispose of the Damaged Consignment immediately.