About us

about us

We are ayran lovers, Turkish delight aficionados, sujuk connoisseurs but most of all we just appreciate good food and great company to share it with.

continuing the tradition

For centuries Türkiye has been a mixing hub

of cultures, religions, traditions and cuisines. Uniquely positioned as a bridge between Asia and Europe. It became a trading ground for everything and anything and gave access to new flavours, spices, tastes, traditions and so much more.

Turkish porters played a humble but important role in distributing foods to the masses. Traditionally a Turkish porter equipped with woven basket or trunk on his back and strong legs, carried the loads from ports, bakeries, spice markets to local traders and customers, bringing the exotic as well as the ordinary but essential foods to the masses.

In June 2016 we established TurkishPorter.com to bring the joy of cooking with authentic Turkish ingredients to your tables and just like original porters we are humbly bringing you the taste of Türkiye to your home and continuing the old tradition in a modern way, hoping to make our precursors proud and customers smile.

and ever evolving

Turkish cuisine is as rich as Türkiye's history,

it evolved over centuries and became a fusion of Mediterranean, Balkan, Central Asian Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Armenian culinary influences. We are ever expanding our product range to reflect the variety of influences in Turkish cuisine. Our ultimate goal is to bring the best shopping experience and introduction to Turkish food and culture with great product range, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

We cherish and appreciate all world cultures and are proud to introduce our corner of the world to UK and beyond and carry on an old tradition for many years to come.