Homemade Cigkofte - Hot

12 Pieces of Kofte.
100% Vegan
All freshly hand made.
Comes with Bread (Naan Bread) and Pomegranate Sauce
Made from seasonally collected, naturally dried seasonings and herbs.
It has an ideal taste with its balanced seasonings.
Only option is mild
Shipping everywhere in the United Kingdom using refrigerated packaging for freshness. 

A great vegeterian alternative to a kofte is this tartar a la la turca (Cig Kofte)

Çiğ Köfte (Chee-Kofthe) has started to be mentioned frequently and has become a popular food in recent times. Çiğ Köfte is a food that uses various spices and its main product is bulgur wheat. It is obtained by kneading and there is no need for an oven since there are no processes such as cooking. Çiğköfte can be made in different ways and in different presentations in some regions. It is possible to find different recipes for Çiğköfte locally.

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