DoraLife Keciboynuzu Ozu - Carob Extract

It is a completely natural, herbal food and can be consumed instead of sugar.
Benefits of Carob Extract

Carob extract, which is obtained from the essence of carob fruit, is a unique food with its smell and taste, as well as a strong source of health because it contains almost all minerals and many valuable vitamins necessary for human beings. For the Anatolian people, the essence of carob has been a unique flavor that does not separate from the table in every season.

• It is 3 times richer in terms of calcium than milk.
• It supports the physical and mental development of children.
• Helps in the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia.
• Helps in the treatment of asthma, allergies and bronchitis.
• Helps to increase body resistance against flu.
• It is known to produce a strong expectoration in smokers.
• It helps to expel the toxins accumulated in the lungs and liver.
• It is a powerful antioxidant, it contains gallic acid. • It helps to expel the radiation accumulated in the body.
• It helps strengthen the immune system. • It helps strengthen teeth and gums.
• Helps treat blood pressure problems. • It is known to increase sexual power and sperm count.
• Carob does not contain fat, caffeine, gluten and cholesterol. • Inside; It contains Natural Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, Sodium, Protein, Dietary Fiber, C, A, E, B, D, B2, B3 Vitamins.
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