Kayseri Pastirma - pastrami


Pastirma - Pastrami (Salt Cured Beef)

The air-dried beef ham "PASTIRMA" is produced using a 1000-year old process. The ham is then cured for up to 13 weeks. The coating used is delicious (cemen and/or fenugreek), which gives the ham its special flavor.


Beef, salt, beef gelatin, spices (wheat), dextrose, sucrose, E621, antioxidant E301, preservatives E250, E252, E202 spice extracts

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Energy 965 kJ /230 kcal
Total fat 10 g
of which is saturated fat 4,8 g
Total carbohydrates 3,0 g
of which sugar <0,5 g
Protein 32 g
Salt 5,6 g


PASTIRMA. The Turkish horsemen of Central Asia used to preserve meat by placing slabs of it in pockets on the sides of their saddles, where it would be pressed by their legs as they rode. ... Pastirma is a kind of cured beef, the most famous being that made in the town of Kayseri in central Turkey.

The ideal season for making “pastırma” is autumn. The season starts by mid-September and continues until the end of autumn. This weather presents the qualities such as; sunny and clear skies, low humidity and mild wind that are ideal conditions for drying and maturing.  The “pastırma” making process consists of 5 stages that are; procurement of the animals, preparation of the meat, processing of meat, coating and packaging.

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