Knorr Meatballs Mix Mortar - Kofte Harci

Knorr Kofte Mortar. No preservatives. It is enriched with spices according to traditional Turkish taste . With Knorr Meatball Mortar you can prepare delicious meatballs in a practical way.

There is no need to crush stale bread, put onions, garlic and add spices. To make dumplings with Knorr meatballs, only 500 grams of ground meat, 1 and a half cups of tea will be enough.


Tips for grilling meatballs:

Grid; it requires a high heat compared to other cooking techniques. This is between 150 ° C and 250 ° C. Therefore, fire must always be free. If the grill is made at low temperature, the water in the meat will evaporate and the meat will be cooked with this water to taste a boiling taste.

Take care to keep the spice products in a cool, dry place after unpacking. Keep away from sunlight and moisture.



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