Doganay Turnip Juice Plain - Sade Salgam Suyu

Gluten free
Sugar Free
100% Nantural
Made in Turkey
coming soon
Doğanay Turnip Juice is a natural, extremely healthy beverage that is obtained after a fermentation process of 30-40 days by fermenting just like yogurt, cheese and vinegar, the main ingredient of which is purple carrot, turnip radish, hot ornamental pepper, water, salt and wholemeal yeast.

At Doğanay Gıda, they are very meticulous in the production of turnip juice and in the production process from the field to the table, and they meet a part of the need by planting most of the purple carrots they use on our their own land of 2.000 decares in Konya Ereğli, with the planting system approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, with good agriculture certificate.

They produce the remaining part with an innovative aseptic, bacteria-free filling technique in their highly developed modern integrated facilities, by planting in accordance with the good agricultural certificate system and meeting it from other farmers in the region.

In meals, snacks, bitter and sweet in every environment and place our national drink, the property of our country, your registered vitamin store is Turnip Juice.! And it is also Sugar Free...

Contains A - B - C Group Vitamins. It is a Natural Source of Antioxidants. Source of Potassium.
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