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Evim Spicy Poultry Mortadella - 500g

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Ulker salted stick craker/ Tuzlu cubuk kraker

Salted stick craker/ Tuzlu cubuk kraker
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Lays Klasik - Classic Potato Chips

One of the greatest Turkish snack products. Classic Lay's Potato Chips

75 years of experience that brings a great smile on your face

Egeturk Sirma Parmak sausage Turkish Sucuk - 1kg

Egeturk Sirma Parmak sausage Turkish Sucuk - 1kg
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Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml

Still Soft Drink with Tea Extract and Peach Juice with Sugar and Sweetener.

Dardanel - Tuna In Sunflower Oil - Ton Baligi 160g

It is a classic! Turkey's first canned tuna fish by Turkey's Fish Specialist. Solid, light meat. The most practical way of gaining the health benefits offered by fish. You will not believe what wonders you will achieve in the kitchen with the recipes by Dardanel Tuna. Try it now!
Tuna Fish
Sunflower Oil

Evim Beef Slice Salami - 100g

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Ulker Stick Craker Cheese/peynirli cubuk kraker 50Gr

Cheesy stick craker /Peynirli cubuk kraker