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Oily Cream

Arko Nem Classic Oily Cream 20cc Description

Known as the miracle cream Arko Classic Oily Cream has a special beeswax formula that offers unmatched care against dry skin in cold weather and after sunbathing against tightness flaking and cracking. The most important feature of Arko Classic Oily Cream is the antiseptic properties of the beeswax it contains. It prevents bacterial growth and infections while caring for the skin. It makes the skin soft and smooth and prevents dry skin. Arko Classic oily cream offers skin-care for the entire family. Arko Classic Oily Cream treats the children s rashes that develop on the knees and the elbows during play and is also ideal for dry skin and heat rashes in babies. Shaving is another factor that causes dry skin and rashes. Arko Classic Oily Cream nourishes dry skin after shaving and moisturizes for a truly soft skin. It ensures that the joy of shaving stays with you throughout the day. By moisturizing skin after a shower it helps maintain the skin s natural moisture balance. Over time house chores that involve frequent contact with water such as doing laundry washing dishes or house cleaning causes skin dryness and skin damage. Arko Classic Oily Cream which is especially ideal for hands is also perfect for cracked skin on knees elbows and heels.

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