Uludag sparkling natural mineral water


Uludag sparkling natural mineral water 200 ml

Uludag Dogal Maden Suyu 200ml

We are proud to have meticulously protected the naturalness of our mineral water sources for over 100 years.

As Uludağ Natural Mineral Water (Keşiş Mountain Mineral Water), we received our mineral water business license in 1912. Since that day, millions of people have been drinking Uludağ Natural Mineral Water with the same trust, taste and pleasure.

Rich in calcium (strengthens bones), magnesium (beneficial for the heart and blood vessels), bicarbonate (aids the stomach and digestive system) and fluoride (strengthens teeth), Uludağ Natural Mineral Water is also balanced in terms of other minerals.

Anions (mg/L)
Fluoride 1,04
Bicarbonate 1281
Chloride 55
Sulfate 18,34
 Cations (mg/L) 
Calcium 153,3
Magnesium 78,7
Potassium 28,2
Sodium 185
Iron 0,002

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