Turkish Bun With Cheese - Peynirli Pogaca

Pack of 8
  • Part-baked
  • Pack of 5
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Perfect for Turkish breakfast
  • Gently heat for 3-4 minutes at 170C
  • Halal certified


Pogaca is a traditional savory pastry in Turkey just like simit. All pastry shops here have these three as their main products. And people stop by these shops on the way to their work early in the morning to buy some of these. Students can find these even at school canteens, so if they can’t have breakfast as soon as they wake up at home, they have simit, acma or pogaca at school with a cup of tea. There are a few versions of pogaca with different fillings like feta cheese, kasar cheese (yellow cheese), potato or mince. It is even possible to find it with no filling. They may be big or small in size in pastry shops, but I prefer making them small as they look more cute in this way.

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