Turkish Flatbread - Antep Tirnak Pide

Pide is a soft, porous, leavened bread that’s shaped by hand.
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Neighborhood bakeries have a very important place in Turkey especially in Gaziantep. Antep Nail Pita / Gaziantep Nail Pita / Antep Pita is produced only in these ovens and by experienced masters in this field. Pita as a meal bought and consumed. Antep Tirnak Pide as a local bread in restaurants pide is always offered for free. Also especially kebab, roasted eggplant, pepper and eggplant kebab are consumed by making wraps.

One of the distinguishing features of nail pita is to press with fingertips. method. It prevents excessive swelling of the bread by pressing with the fingertips, which is made with the hand skills of the masters of Gaziantep and during the cooking of the pita, the heat is homogeneous. This is done in order to increase the surface area for distribution. In this way, while the top of the pita remains fried, the bottomIt is cooked enough and the aroma of the pita is not lost. For this reason, the distance between the nails, the depth and the cross cooking. shows its effect during The surface of Antep Tirnakli Pita / Gaziantep Tirnakli Pita / Antep Pita parts) are slightly reddened in color, while the base part should be slightly fried and/or cooked.
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