Sutdiyari Ezine White Turkish Cheese / Peynir - 350g


One of the most popular Turkish cheeses is beyaz peynir (literally, “white cheese”). The best beyaz peynir is made in the small town of Ezine, in the Çanakkale province. I had a chance to visit Ezine and meet with a local cheese shop owner who has lived in the town since he was a child. Rather than selling dozens of different types of cheeses (like you would find in most cheese shops in larger cities), he sells only beyaz peynir in his shop. Of course, there were other locally produced items such as olives and olive oil to pair with the cheese.

Beyaz peynir is consumed in a variety of ways. Most simply, it is eaten among cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and bread in a traditional Turkish breakfast. It is also served in börek and pide, and also can accompany mezes with rakı.

Beyaz peynir comes in many forms. First, it can be either from a cow (inek), goat (keci), or sheep (koyun). It can come either hard (sert) or soft (yumuşak). You may also choose how much fat it contains, either full (tam yaglı) or half (yarim yaglı). It is also sold with or without salt. My favorite beyaz peynir is the goat version, but you should try all three to see which one you prefer!

Downtown Ezine

For the best quality, you should purchase beyaz peynir at a weekly farmer’s market or at a cheese shop, where they are knowledgeable about the different types and regularly. You should ask for the beyaz peynir from Ezine, which is referred to as "Ezine peyniri." The best vendors will always offer you a small slice to taste. Don't be shy about sampling a few different versions before making your choice. This way, you will know you are buying the best one for your tastes. Buying cheese from a larger grocery store is always an option when the first two are not convenient; however, I would suggest going to the cheese counter for a fresh cut before buying a pre-packaged version.

Cheese is one of the nature's most tasty foods. It is eaten by everyone with great pleasure. Cheese is not only a substantial food because of its taste but it also has high nutritional value. Milk, which is itself a great source of nutrition, is processed and made into cheese. The main substance in cheese is "casein", a protein which has no equal in nature. In addition to being rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A, cheese is an important nutritional source for life.

Another reason for its vast consumption is that it can easily be digested and it aids in the digestion of other foods. This property of cheese is due to rennet which is used to curd milk. The cheese was made in ancient times and was found to be a very substantial food for man. We know that even in the Babylonian Civilisation in 2000 B.C. cheese production was quite advanced.Today in Turkey, 60% of the annual 10 million tonnes of milk is processed as cheese. Although the tastiest cheese is made from sheep's milk, only 10% of cheese production is produced from sheep's and goat's milk, with the remainder from cow's milk. Cheese consumption differs considerably from other countries in Turkey. The most wide-spread consumption of cheese other than at breakfast is when it is eaten with fruit or as a sort of dessert after lunch or dinner. However, in our country, cheese and olives are a must on the breakfast table. The variety of cheese depends on certain factors: cultural habits and tastes, natural conditions, the species and variety of the animals providing the milk, and the production methods employed. We have more than 100 types of cheese in our country, but when they are grouped according to their similarities, we have around 30 different kinds of cheese. 



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