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Rice, Pasta & Pulses

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Gama Easy Cook Rice 500g

Easy Cook Rice 500g

Gama Wholewheat Couscous

Gama Wholewheat Couscous

Baktat - Irmik Semolina

Baktat - Irmik
Origin: Turkey

Baktat Shelled - Peeled - Wheat - Asurelik Bugday - 1kg

Baktat - Shelled Wheat - Asurelik Bugday. An essential for traditional wheat pudding (Asure)

Basak - Potato Starch - Patates Nisastasi 200g

Plain Potato Starch
Origin: Turkey

Black Eye Beans - 1kg

£3.79 £3.49

Black Eye Beans - 500g

£1.79 £1.49

Broad Beans Whole - 500g

£2.03 £1.69

Brown Course Boulgur - 1kg

£2.28 £1.90

Brown Fine Boulgur - 500g

£1.43 £1.19

Chick Peas - 1kg

£3.99 £3.29

Chick Peas - 500g

£2.39 £1.99

Crab Eye Beans - 1kg

£3.59 £2.79

Crab Eye Beans - 500g

£2.39 £1.99

Dark Green Lentils - 500g

£2.27 £1.89

Dermason White Beans - 1kg

£3.83 £3.19

Duru - Broken Rice - Kirik Pirinc - 1kg

Duru - Rice
- 1kg
Broken rice is the broken grains of Turkish baldo rice which is packed for consumers who seek high quality round grain rice for desserts such as milk – rice and for stuffed meals. Broken rice is collected from Gönen region of Balıkesir in Turkey.
Origin: Turkey

Duru - Rice - Pilavlik Yerli Pirinc - 1kg

Duru - Rice
- 1kg
Duru Rice is specially packed for our consumers who seeks the best performance in pilafs. The Duru rice contains high quality Osmancik rice.
Origin: Turkey
£3.19 £2.49

Duru - Tosya Type Rice - Tosya Tipi Pilavlik Pirinc - 1kg

Duru - Rice
- 1kg
In Tosya Type Rice, a special Italian variety of rice which is San Andrea is packed. It has round grain and it is low in fat. This product which is sold just in Europe, is developed for our customers who is in Europe and seeking best performance in their traditional pilafs. Italian rice is grown in region of Vercelli in İtaly, is privately packed for Duru Rice in Italy.
Origin: Turkey

Duru - 7mm Dry White Beans - Kuru Fasulye - 1kg

Duru - 7mm Dry White Beans
- 1kg
7 mm white bean is a kind of Turkish bean whose grain color is white and whose grain shape is kidney. This type of bean is mid-sized with a caliber of 7 mm grown in Karaman and Konya provinces of Turkey where are famous for superior flavor. Another difference of this region’s bean is that they do not release shells when cooked. 7 mm white Bean is smaller compared to Dermason type and tasty.
Origin: Turkey
£3.49 £2.89

Duru - 8 mm Ram Chickpea - Kocbasi Nohut - 1kg

Duru - Roasted Green Wheat
- 1kg
Due to its appearance which looks like a ram; it is called ram chickpea in Turkey. The size of this type of chickpea is over 8 mm when calibrated. This type of chickpea is very suitable for dips like hummus. It is grown in Karaman and Konya region of Turkey.
Origin: Turkey
£4.49 £3.49

Duru - 9 mm Ram Chickpea - Kocbasi Nohut - 1kg

Duru - 9 mm Ram Chickpea
- 1kg
Due to its appearance which looks like a ram; it is called ram chickpea in Turkey. The size of this type of chickpea is over 9 mm when calibrated. This type of chickpea is very suitable for hot dishes and stew. It is grown in Karaman and Konya region of Turkey.
Origin: Turkey
£5.59 £3.69

Duru - Baldo Rice - Pirinc - 1kg

Duru - Baldo Akdeniz
- 1kg
Baldo rice is assumed to be the best quality type of rice grown in Turkey. Baldo rice, grown in Balıkesir Region of Turkey, is commonly used in pilafs. Apart from Turkey, baldo rice is grown in Italy. Despite its superior taste compared to other type of rice, baldo is hard to cook and adjust its water to rice ratio. In baldo rice, Duru only packs Turkish baldo and do not pack imported baldo rice. The best way to differentiate the Turkish baldo and Italian baldo is the white belly grains. White belly grains are the rice grains where there is a white spot in the middle of grain. In Turkish baldo, white belly grains are less in total compared to the ones in Italian baldo due to its characteristics.
Origin: Turkey
£4.29 £3.69

Duru - Basmati Rice - Pirinc - 1kg

Duru - Basmati Rice
- 1kg
By having the lowest glycemic index value among the world rice, basmati rice has proven its superior quality. It has a lot of varieties and grown only in India and Pakistan. The length of the rice differs from 7 mm to 8 mm and its length can become 14 mm to 16 mm after it is cooked. Widely known in the world, basmati rice is frequently used in Middle Eastern countries.
Origin: India

Duru - Buckwheat - Karabugday - Grecka - 1kg

Duru - Shelled Peeled Wheat
- 1kg
Unlike its name resembles, buckwheat is not a wheat product and it is not a grain. It is the seeds of a herb which can grow in hard climates. Buckwheat, which is from sorrel family, is grown mainly in Poland, Ukraine, Russia , Kazakhstan and China. Product is one of the staple food of Russian and East European people. The color of buckwheat is green. However if it is roasted, the color is light brown.
Origin: Kazakhstan
£4.59 £3.59

Duru - Chickpea - Nohut - 1kg

Duru - Chickpea
- 1kg
Compared to Turkish chickpea’s yellowish color, this type of chickpeas have whiter color and in some countries it is called white chickpea. The size of this type of chickpea is over 10 mm when calibrated. The product is mainly grown in India and Mexico. In Turkey there is a little production in Canakkale city.
Origin: Turkey
£4.59 £3.69

Duru - Coarse Bulgur - Pilavlik Bulgur - 1kg

Duru - Coarse bulgur
- 1kg
Coarse bulgur is the most common and famous type of bulgur both in the World and Turkey. The grains size of coarse bulgur is from 2,0 to 2,8 mm and It is the 3# size of the Duru Bulgur.
Origin: Turkey
£3.29 £2.39

Duru - Coarse Bulgur With Vermicelli - Sehriyeli Pilavlik Bulgur - 1kg

Duru - Coarse Bulgur With Vermicelli
- 1kg
Coarse bulgur with vermicelli is a mix of roasted vermicelli and coarse bulgur. It contains 25% roasted vermicelli and 75% coarse bulgur. It is delicious time saving bulgur for busy bulgur lovers.
Origin: Turkey

Duru - Cranberry Beans - Barbunya Fasulye - 1kg

Duru - Cranberry Beans
- 1kg
Cranberry bean’s grain is red speckled over cream color and has an oval shape. It is commonly consumed in Turkey especially in summer.
Origin: Turkey
£5.49 £4.39

Duru - Dark Coarse Bulgur - Esmer Pilavlik Bulgur - Boulgour - 1kg

Duru - Dark Coarse Bulgur - Boulgour
- 1kg
Dark coarse bulgur is produced from red wheat such as golia and bezostaja. It is different in color and taste and also its texture is softer. The color of this bulgur is darker due to the type of wheat used as a raw material. However, the dark color of bulgur does not mean that it is rich in nutritional value in comparison to other bulgur.
Origin: Turkey