Premium Handmade Manti - Turkish Ravioli

Handmade Manti of Kayseri
Traditional Taste
Select between 500g - 1kg
Halal product
HMC Certified Meat

What is Manti Turkish Ravioli or Turkish Dumpling?

Extremely delicious, extratordinary Turkish cuisine meal from Kayseri - Turkey. The capital of Manti! Little minced beef-stuffed ravioli - dumplings. Spread your mixed yoghurt on top if you like add a bit of garlic into the mix and then prepare your buttery salca sauce. Sumac, mint, thyme, isot, pul-biber, basil.... all wok great as a finishing seasoning.

In Turkey, manti seved extremely small in Kayseri region. Some say 40 pieces fit into a dinner spoon. 

Each piece of dumpling is just like a special gift to your guest or yourself. 

Making manti requires a great effort. To ease the job we are now working with Teyzes (aunties) who are making those beautifully packed gifts for your taste with traditional methods. 

Plain flour (Bread flour),  salt, pepper, eggs, onion, ground beef (HALAL - HMC Certified Meat) 


! Important Note:
This product is sent defrosted and you cannot freeze again. You have to consume within 24hrs after delivery.

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