Premium Cypriot Pastirma

Must be cooked throughly before eating.
Make sure piping hot before serving
Not less than 98% beef Made in UK
Pastourmas (Bastirma / Pastirma) Cypriot Sausages are traditional spicy meat sucuk. Cypriot Pastirma used to be made with camel meat before however in recent years beef is the main choice as what included in ours. The special flavour is a mix of spices and herbs.

Best way to eat is on a mangal (Barbecue) above hot charcoals. Can be included in very traditional Turkish dish menemen or any stew or simply on the side of eggs or part of a mezze spread with Loaf read and hellim (halloumi) cheese.

This product is provided chilled, you can freeze or consume before the given expiry date.

Not less than 98% beef

Beef, Salt, Paprica, Garlic, Cumin, Black Pepper, Sugar, Chilli Powder, Permitted Colours: E120

Made by Sucuk & Pastirma Manufacturers
specialists in continental food products


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