Pinar Strained Yoghurt - Suzme Yogurt 10% - 1kg

The taste is all sourced from the natural milk collected from the villagers own. There is plenty of taste in every little spoon.
Strained Yoghurt

A very important ingredient of Turkish cuisine. 

You heard of many stories for sure! Elderly folks from middle Asia who live healthy and a long life connects all their secret to the diet which is eating yogurt pretty regularly.

Yogurt in general is a must to have almost every cuisine on a traditional turkish table. For thousands of years yogurt has been consumed as plain or as a side complemantry of Turkish cuisine.

Some examples of yogurt:

Ayran (Ai-Rahn or pronouce simply as "I-Run")

Yogurt Soup

Haydari (Meze)

Manti Sauce

Dolma Sauce

Iskender Sauce

Cacik (Cucumber/Dill/Cabbage salad with yogurt)

Sauce on Mantar Kebabi

Cabbage with Yogurt

Ali Nazik


And many more...



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