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- Immunity Guard - Perfect for healthy diet, sprinkle over your cereals - Gluten Free - Packed In A Clean Vegetarian Environments - Natural wind dry grapes used in cakes, curries, rice and ice cream.

About Cranberries 

Vitamin C in black raisins is 20 times more beneficial than the Vitamin C obtained from other nutriments, and Vitamin E 50 times more beneficial. This feature and its rich antioxidant content make black raisins ideal for a healthy immune system. Black raisin reduces the DNA damages and cancer risk, and prevents vessel stiffness.


Health Benefits

This fruit decreases DNA deformations, risk of cancer and prevents vessel stiffness. Being antioxidant, raisin seeds enhance the immunity system. It decreases the probability of hypertension, heart attack and stroke; in addition, it supports treatment of diabetes and varicosis. Since it also strengthens collagen structure of veins, it prevents vessel stiffness and many other related diseases.


Black Raisin increases you supply of energy which is good to bulk up your body to a certain weight raisins specifically fructose and glucose. eating raisins also promotes the efficient absorption of vitamins, proteins and other nutrients in your body which build up your immune system.


Nutrition Value - 100 gr.Amount
Energy - Kcal 323
Protein - g 3
Carbohydrate - g 80
Iron - mg 6
Fat - g 0.49
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