Meray DRIED GINGER - 150g

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Garlic - Sarimsak


Sutdiyari Kashkaval Turkish Cheese / Peynir - 400g

Sutdiyari Kashkaval Turkish Cheese / Peynir - 400g

Koska - Floss Roll Halva - Helva - Pismaniye - 250g

Koska - Floss Roll Halva
- Great Taste
- Perfect Texture
Halal Certified
Vegeterian (No animal products are used in production)
Kosher Certified
Origin: Turkey

Kiwi - Kivi

Available individually

Lemon - Taze Limon - 4 Pieces

Available as 4 Pieces

Cabbage - Lahana

Seasonal food usually comes to mind around spring. One of the greatest piece of vegetable world is of course cabbage.
In traditional Turkish way apart from lahana sarma (stuffed cabbage leaves) it is also cooked mostly with minced beef and served with a yogurt. The cabbage stew (Kapuska) is the dish and it is absolutely delish!

Available as one piece

White Courgette - Kabak Beyaz

Million Turkish recipes use courgette. Incredible vegetable served in many ways. Fritters grated courgette with fresh mint, feta cheese (Mucver) or stuffed (dolma), fried and served with yogurt... Pick one you like.
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Ginger Powder - Zencefil Toz - 100g

Natural taste from the best of crop
Origin: Turkey
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