Lokma Dessert - Lokma tatlisi

A special type of dough fried and dipped in a delicious lemony syrup.
Excellent crunchiness outside and smooth and juicy inside.
- 100% Handmade.
- Zero additives.
- Shipping on the day of Baking.
Lokma is a Turkish dessert prepared by frying the dough prepared with flour, yeast, salt and sugar in oil, sweetened with a thick syrup and served. It received a geographical indication with the name of İzmir (Smyrna) Lokma.

The word lokma comes from the Arabic word لقمة, meaning "lukma", which means a mouth, a sip, a piece of food. "لقمة القاضي", that is, "Kadi Lokma", which is a variant of Lokma, which exists in Arab culture today, was described by Al-Baghdadi in the 13th century. Although its source is based on the Ottoman Palace, its construction has also become widespread among the people.

Melceü't-Tabbâhîn, the first printed cookbook, contains recipes for Lokmas. Turkish Lokma is mentioned in the book as a palace Lokma or an egg Lokma.

Âdi Lokum
Yumurtalı Lokum (Hacı Lokumu)
Saray Lokması
Yumurta Lokması

There are two types of Lokma made from round or small spherical dough with a hole in the middle. Izmir Lokma for the round shaped one; The spherical one is called the Palace Lokma.

Lokma has become an indispensable part of Turkish culture. It can be seen that the lokma dessert, which is cooked on crowded corners on religious days in Turkey, is distributed free of charge to the public. It is customary to freshly prepare, cook and distribute lokma, especially after the death, for charity purposes or to be distributed to the guests at circumcision weddings.

In addition to these two dominant varieties, there are also different productions of lokma. In the Güdül-Ayaş regions of Ankara, there is a type of lokma known as Bırtlak. Although it is eaten as a dessert by pouring sherbet in some regions in Turkey, in some regions it is eaten with cheese without sherbet, such as bagel. You can also use bonbons and cream. 

Currently there is a big popularity of inserting nutella in the middle of it. Sounds crazy I know!

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