Koska - Grape Molasses - Uzum Pekmezi

A powerful vitamin source with plenty of minerals. Calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron mainly!
Glass Jar
Origin: Turkey
Manufacturer: Koska

Koska manufactures halva, tahini, molasses, honey, wafers, pismanje, spreads, croquant, marzipan, jam, Turkish delight and traditional Turkish desserts. With successful food technology, natural sweeteners are incorporated into the food production process, allowing for a “lighter” product, suitable for diabetics and those wanting healthier sweets. There are also sugar-free products too. Koska Merter products are Halal certified and vegetarian.


Koska makes its grape molasses by meticulously selecting quality grapes from the Aegean and Marmara regions and boiling them. Grape molasses have a variety of uses in cooking. Mix with tahin or yoghurt and dip bread in for a snack, or use molasses in salads, baked goods and desserts. 


Ingredients: Concentrated Grape Juice

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