Gunes Glazing Tray - Emaye Tepsi

Size : 38cm
Recommended for those with nickel allergies
It is antibacterial
Manufactured with high fire resistance
non-stick up to 800°
Dishwasher safe 
Glazing trays are ideal for use in pastries and ovens. It can be used for grilling in the oven. Ideal for use as a baklava and pastry tray.
Let's enlighten those who are wondering what is Glazing and what is the origin of the word. Glazing is actually a coating material from which glass is processed. Glazing is a coating material from Ancient Greece. It was used in jewelry and ornaments at that time. Today, glazing is used in every field. This coating can be found in any product you can think of, such as kitchen products, pots, pans, coffee pots, trays. 

Glazing coatings are anti-bacterial and do not contain carcinogenic substances. Its glassy structure prevents bacteria from adhering to the product. As a result of the high degree of cooking of natural raw materials, the gap between the components is reduced and bacteria are prevented from penetrating into the product.

If the coating of the glazing tray is not scratched or worn, it is not harmful to health. That's why you should always use it with a wooden or silicone spoon and clean it so that it is not scratched. If you take good care of it, you can be together for years. It is also worth mentioning that glazing coated products (especially for oven dishes) are resistant up to 220-250 degrees. Unless you drop them on the ground or apply great force, they will not break or bend. Glazing is used not only in kitchen utensils (plates, bowls, glasses, teapots, utensils, pots, etc.), but also in the manufacture of stoves, sanitary ware, durable household appliances (refrigerators, etc.), jewelry, works of art and glass. Cast-iron glazing pots give very good results in cooking. It is very difficult for the bottom of the food to grab and crack because the bottom and the bottom of these are thick castings. Food is cooked very well in such pans because the iron conducts heat without heat loss. In short, glazing pots are useful. When you buy a quality pot, you will not have any health problems.
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