Efes Turkish Beer

EFES 330 Turkish Beer

Efes beer is an easy to drink beverage that is rich in flavour and has a crystal clear golden colour with a consistent flow of bubbles that rise to made a lovely white foam head. The flavour has elements of lemon and orange which is complimented by the added honey and is followed with a smooth and clean finish.

Efes beer holds about 80% of the domestic market in Turkey where it is made and it is currently shipped to 40 plus counties around the globe.Efes beer is produced using bottom-fermentation technique using the ingredients water, malted barley, rice, sugar, hops, CO2 and yeast.


Anadolu Efes


330 ml

Leading the domestic beer market by a wide margin

Anadolu Efes is the largest brewer in Turkey. It conducts its operations with four breweries, two malteries, and one hops processing facility. Total annual production capacity in Turkey consists of 9.5 million hectoliters of beer and 118 thousand tons of malt. In 2015, Anadolu Efes maintained its leadership position in Turkey with a 68% share in terms of sales volume. 

Total beer consumption in Turkey in 2015 is estimated to be around 9.1 million hectoliters, with average per-capita consumption of about 12 liters. In 2015, the market is forecasted to have declined at around 1.0-1.5% year-on-year in which beer sales were depressed mainly due to declines in both consumer confidence and tourism activities attributable to the challenging economic and political conditions that affected the country during the year. 

Excise tax rates on beer in Turkey are higher than most countries and, when consumer purchasing power is taken into account as well, it is the highest rate of all in the world. As in the past, higher taxes will inevitably be one of the most important factors determining the course of the sector’s performance in the future. 

In 2015, the excise tax on beer in Turkey has increased two times; by 10.4% in January and by 4.7% in July. While the first excise tax increase was higher than the rate of inflation of the previous six months, the second one was more or less in line with expectations. 

Thus for Anadolu Efes’ Turkish beer operations, 2015 was a challenging year indeed for such reasons as stiff competition, declines in tourist arrivals from countries where beer-consumption levels are relatively high, and depressed consumer confidence especially in the third and the early fourth quarter before the elections. Price increases also adversely affected the beer market’s performance by reducing affordability. As a result, total sales volume of Turkey beer operations was realized as 6.6 mhl, down 6.3% compared to 2014 in line with our guidance. 

Weaker performance than the market was mainly driven by lower on-trade volumes, especially in touristic regions where Anadolu Efes has a stronger position; due to lower tourism activity overall. 

A roadmap shaped by business plans compatible with corporate strategies With a flexibility that allows it to respond to market requirements quickly and an organizational structure that is both productive and dynamic, Anadolu Efes combines an effective and agile decision-making processes with its deep-rooted experience and translates them into business performance. 

Anadolu Efes aims systematic, productive, profitable, and sustainable growth in all of the business segments in which it operates both in its domestic and international markets. Last year, as in every year, the business plans that the company formulates in line with this target continued to be implemented with strategies appropriate to current conditions. 

We continued to benefit from our multi-brand strategy, as well as upsizing/downsizing and multipack offerings in 2015. 

In 2015, Anadolu Efes continued to invest in marketing activities and to launch new products while also concentrating on increasing productivity and cost-cutting. Sales volumes of both its 100% malt and strong-alcohol beer brands as well as new launches gained a positive momentum in 2015. In 2015, it experienced improvements in both brand and SKU mix and it also focused on its strong core brands through improvement on sales execution. 

Anadolu Efes continues to build competitive advantages for itself through ongoing innovations in both product development and business concepts, while also taking measures to improve processes by making them leaner, faster, and more cost-effective. 

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