Doluca Karma Merlot Bogazkere

It can be said to be a 14.5% alcoholic food wine produced in Çerkezköy facilities, reflecting the characteristics of the strong, bodied, tannin and spicy Boğazkere grapes unique to the Diyarbakır region and the soft, velvety Merlot grapes. Rested in French and American oak barrels for 12 months, plump, fruity, bodied. Carnation, violet and red fruit aromas can be felt. It can be tried with sauced / spicy red meat dishes at 16-18 degrees, game and lamb meat, pasta with meat and pizzas. It can be aired for 30 minutes before service.
The Merlot grape variety, with its smooth, velvety flavor and fruity character, adds richness and smoothness to Karma Merlot-Bogazkere wine. On the other hand, the strong, full-bodied and tannic Bogazkere variety, reflecting the spesific soil and climate conditions of the Diyarbakir Region through its spicy character, delivers its unique aromatic qualities in Karma Merlot-Bogazkere. After 12 months of aging in French and American oak barrels, the wine is remarkable with its rich, full-body, smooth and fruity nature.

Bogazkere, Merlot
Southeastern Anatolia, Thrace
6-7 years following the vintage date under ideal storage conditions.
12 months in French oak barrels.
16-18 °C
Decanting 30 minutes prior to consumption is recommended.
International Wine Challenge 2005 - Silver Medal (England)
Mundus Vini 2011 - Silver Medal (Germany)
Mundus Vini 2015 - Gold medal (Germany)
Mundus Vini 2015 - Best of show Turkey red (Germany)
International Wine Challenge 2015 - Silver medal (England)
Challenge International du Vin 2005 - Bronze Medal (France)
Vinalies Internationales 2004 - Silver Medal (France)
Challenge International du Vin 2004 - Silver Medal (France)
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