Dogadan - Red Fruits Tea - Kirmizi Meeyveler - Meyve Cayi

the insatiable taste and delicious fragrances of Red Fruits in every moment of your life, with pleasure, taste and health.

Red Fruits From Nature Fruit Nature's Red Fruits herbal tea, which appeals to the palate of adults and children of all ages, helps you to have pleasant tea times with its delicious taste and aromatic fragrance. You can safely consume the product in the fruit teas section of Turkish Porter at any time of the day.

Mixed herbal tea that contributes to strengthening the immune system with its rich vitamin C content; It is presented by blending various herbs such as rosehips, orange peels, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. The product, which has an insatiable taste and pleasant scent, helps to increase body resistance especially in winter days. You can offer the product, which you can consume at any time of the day, to your guests if you wish.

You can store the product with a box of 20 tea bags in dry and cool places for a long time. You can carry it with you in separate bags and consume it at your workplace, on your travels or on your daily trips. You can serve mixed tea by brewing it with hot water in the glass, and you can serve it cold with the addition of ice. You can enrich the product, which children enjoy with its delicious taste, by adding green plant leaves.

Rosehip, okra flower, flavorings, orange peel, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, pomegranate peel, red apple,


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