Cypriot Olive Bread - Zeytinli Ekmek

Daily fresh and all handmade
No Additives or conservatives
Approx. 250-300g

The famous "Olive" of Cyprus.. There are those who call it Bitta with Olives, and those who say Bidda with Olives. It is also made/mixed with Halloumi.

“Bitta” means “Bread” in Greek. Indeed, when I took it out of the oven, it was a wonderful spongy, fluffy bread texture. And it smelled like a lot 🙂 The leading actors of this flavor are “Hellim”, “Black Olive” and “Kollandro” (“Golyandro” in Greek). 

White bread flour, onion, black olives, olive oil, water, sugar, salt, dry yeast, dried oregano, dried mint

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