Balparmak Natural chestnut honey - Dogal kestane bali

100% Natural
Castanea Sativa
High chrome and manganese mineral value. Gathered especially from the chestnut trees of Black Sea region.
Origin: Turkey
In Glass Jar
Balparmak Natural Chestnut Honey

Chestnut, which is a member of the beech family and grows mostly in the Black Sea Region in Anatolia, attracts honey bees with its fragrant smell during the flowering period. Thus, bees offer another unique gift to humanity by producing chestnut honey, one of the most valuable monoflora honey varieties in the world. Natural chestnut honey, carefully compiled from the Black Sea Region, takes its place in Balparmak jars with its pure and reliable content.

What are Chestnut Honey and Its Properties?

Chestnut honey is a type of monoflora honey (single flower honey) obtained by bees mainly from the nectar of chestnut flowers. Chestnut honey, which has a darker color and consistency compared to other flower honeys, stands out with its astringent and bitter taste. Thanks to its sharp taste, it leaves a unique and pleasant flavor on the palate.

Chestnut honey is a very rich food in terms of active natural components. In addition to containing carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, phenolic compounds and enzymes, it is an ideal mineral source. With its rich content, this honey helps to meet the daily nutritional needs of the body. There are about 304 calories in 100 grams of chestnut honey.

You can choose to consume the product alone to intensely feel the unique aroma and flavor of estana honey, or you can also use it to sweeten your food and drinks.
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