Baklava Chocolate - Cikolatali

Another level with the addition of rich and dark chocolate and hazelnut....
You can buy between 250g - 1kg weight.

- 100% Handmade.
- Zero additives.
- Shipping on the day of Baking.

Baklava is delicious and extremely fabulous just with a simple honey/sweet syrup. Now adding chocolate into it is absolute divine so no one can deny the greatness of it! 

Names derive from other countries for baklava. Very similarly called as baqlava, bakleva, pakhlava, paxlavasi... It is simply a variety of dessert made of filo pastry sheets layered delicately and contains nuts, creams, chocolates inside. 

Shelf Life (keep in a cool and dry place): 10 Days


sugar, potable water, wheat flour, plain butter, praline, wheat starch, egg, cocoa and salt

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