Caykur - Earl Grey in Tea Bags - Tomurcuklu Bergamot Cayi - Posette

Specially blended from the top quality uppermost leaves of the tea grown in Turkey's Black Sea Region.
Turkish tea is naturally protected by snow.
40 Tea Bags
Origin: Turkey

The bud on the top and two tiny, fresh leaves just below it are what make Altınbaş a golden head. Tea gourmets know Altınbaş right away! It is the most used tea ratio with golden head and curled tea. It offers genuine tea flavor with its golden head bitterness that leaves a distinct taste on the palate. With its smell and taste, Altınbaş with the highest aroma level is provided with a small amount of infusion. Altınbaş is perfect for your friendly chats and pleasant meetings. We offer Altınbaş 200 Gr. Teapot bag bubbly (Bergamot Flavored) tea, which does not contain any additives, to you tea lovers.

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