Bodrum ROAST SALTED PISTAxCHIO - Tuzlu Kavrulmus Antep Fistigi

Heart Friendly
Pistachios, one of the top favorite Turkish tastes, is a very nutritious food. It has cholesterol decreasing effect, and is also effective in decreasing coronary heart diseases.


Pistachios; is very rich in vitamins and minerals. 10-12 pieces of pistachio supplies the whole daily fat need of human body while providing 35% of protein, vitamin B1 and phosphor need. Pistachio is twice as rich in protein as beef, and four times as rich in phosphor. It also contains high amount of vitamins E, B and C complex. 100 gr of pistachio includes 4.0 g pulp (fiber). Its pulp content is far better than rice, potatoes and wheat (0.3 gr). Pistachio is an effective medication for protecting heart health. It is a good cleaner of lung inflammation. It softens the chest, relieves pains while healing cough. Pistachio decreases glucose absorption in small intestines while preventing increase of blood sugar. Since most of lipids in its formation contain monounsaturated fat acids (35 g), it is even less risky than wheat for increasing blood sugar (Glisemic index). Due to these benefits, it is used in treating diabetes (Diabete Mellitus). Vitamin B1 content helps blood formation, decreases the blood cholesterol, and optimizes brain functions like comprehension ability and learning. Moreover, vitamin B1 has positive effects on energy level, growth and appetite. It is necessary for the stomach, intestines, heart, and heart muscles.


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