Basak Adana Spice Mix - Kebab Harci

The secret to perfect Adana köfte!

To get the best taste, use the instructions given in the pack.

Elevate your home cooking with the authentic flavors of Adana köfte, right in your own kitchen. Our specially crafted seasoning blend is designed to effortlessly transform ground meat into mouthwatering Adana köfte, bursting with flavor and spice.

Made with a blend of:  premium spices and seasonings, including spicy red pepper flakes, onion powder, hot red pepper, table salt, sweet red pepper, flavor enhancer, black pepper, cumin, garlic powder, and parsley, our seasoning delivers the perfect balance of heat and savory goodness with every bite.

Use our Adana köfte seasoning with your choice of ground meat, shape into kebabs, and grill to perfection for an authentic Turkish dining experience at home. Experience the bold and delicious flavors of Adana köfte with Başak Adana Köfte Spicy Shish Kebab Seasoning. Order now and bring the taste of Turkey to your table tonight!


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