Asperox - Blue Power - Mavi Guc

Asperox Blue Power
Asperox Mavi Power is a surface cleaning product specially developed for chalky and rusty surfaces. It is effective on all surfaces where there are lime and soap residues in shower cabins, kitchen and bathroom faucets, sinks and tiles, metal surfaces such as shower heads, water stains on glass, ceramic, plastic surfaces. It removes soap residue and water stains on bathroom surfaces, eliminates condensation. It does not darken metal surfaces and gives extra shine. It removes lime and rust stains from toilet bowls and sinks. Effective on surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel, inox; It removes water stains and limescale from inox surfaces such as tea and coffee makers and kettles. It does not leave stains / marks on the surfaces, it is easily rinsed and does not disturb breathing.

General Usage
Spray the product on the surface and wait for it to act for a short time. After the application, clean and rinse with a cloth/sponge/brush. For brighter results, wipe the surface with a dry cloth after rinsing. Before use, be sure to test its compatibility with the surface.
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