Alpro Oat Drink - Yulaf Sutu

Long Life Oat Drink
Oat drink with added calcium and vitamins.

100% plant-based. Dairy free. Naturally free from lactose. Naturally low in fat & saturated fat. No added sugars. Rich in fibre. A source of calcium. Source of vitamins B2, B12 & D. UHT for a longer shelf life. Perfect for vegans.We've always had a soft spot for the subtly sweet taste of oats. It's what makes our oat drink so delicious even without any added sugars or sweeteners*. Just the sugars that come naturally with the oats. Oat is everyone's plant-based pal - on porridge and cereal, in coffee, shakes and smoothies. And chilled in a glass? Oatstanding, naturally. Lovely as milk may be, who doesn't like a little variety to spice up their life? Totally plant based and dairy free, this is naturally perfect for a vegan diet. But why should vegans have all the fun? Vegetarian, flexitarian, or just want to give it a go? Anyone can pour a little extra plant-based delicious into their everyday, vegan or not, we say! *Contains naturally occurring sugars.

  • No Added Sugar
  • Low Fat
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Free From Colours
  • Free From Preservatives
  • Naturally low in fat & saturated fat
  • No added sugars
  • Rich in fibre
  • A source of calcium
  • Source of vitamins B2, B12 & D
  • Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones

Oat Base (Water, Oat (9.8%)), Chicory Root Fibre, Sunflower Oil, Calcium (Tri-Calcium Phosphate), Sea Salt, Stabiliser (Gellan Gum), Vitamins (B2, B12, D2)