All Natural Soap Bar - Himalayan Salt

It is 100% natural and handmade.
It does not lose vitamins, minerals and glycerine during making.
The use is suitable for all skin types.

Natural soap means avoiding any chemicals that may be toxic in the content of the soap, or any method or material that raises suspicion in production. In other words, it means no artificial dyes, perfumes or additives are used. It gives good results in make-up removal. It does not dry out the skin like other soaps.

Olive oil cold soap, which is produced only from pure olive oil and contains beneficial components such as beta carotene, vitamin E, squalene, unique to olive oil, is the most preferred among natural soaps because it does not apply high heat treatment.

Monounsaturated primarily oleic acid, which is separated from glycerol in olive oil soap. It binds Na (Sodium) at the optimum rate and thus reduces the irritating effect of Na.

Unsaponifiable monounsaturated fatty acids are more resistant to oxidation than polyunsaturated fatty acids in other vegetable oils. Olive oil soap; It does not cause irritation and hardening on the skin and has a softening effect. About 70% of cold process soap consists of oil and therefore its cost is much higher than other commercial soaps. For this reason, olive oil is the most preferred oil in natural soap making.


Coconut oil (Sodium Cocoate), Himalyan Salt (Sodium Chloride),

Olive oil (Sodium Olivate), Water (Aqua), Castor Oil (Sodium Castorate),

Pink Clay (Kaolin), Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium Graveolens Oil)

Allergens occurring naturally in essential oil – citral, geraniol, citronellol, limonene, linalool.