ABC - Sivi Arap Sabunu - Liquid Soft Soap

Natural Shine and Cleanliness Meet the perfect cleaning in your home with the superior formula of ABC Liquid Arabian Soap. Effortless, easy, natural cleaning with ABC Liquid Arabian Soap that you can use in all your cleaning works!

Arabic soap is a type of soap that uses potassium hydroxide—instead of sodium—as an alkali in its production. It is mostly yellow or light brown in color and is also known as Arap Sabunu (Soft Soap) in Turkish and some languages ​​because of its semi-fluid, pasty consistency.

In house cleaning, cleaning of clothes and household goods, carpet washing; It is used in garden spraying and sometimes in the cleaning of herd animals by mixing with water to a large extent. Arabic soap can also be used as a natural remedy against aphids that suck on plants such as roses.

Arabic soap is a cleaning product that has been used for centuries. Arabian soap, also known as soft soap, is usually pasty in consistency, but can rarely be found solid.
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