10 x Cig Kofte - Traditional Steak Tartar A La Turca - Cigkofte (Veggie)

Cigkoftem ( ÇiğKöftem ) is the well know best Cig Kofte maker in Turkey. 100% Vegan 10 Pieces of Kofte. All freshly hand made. Cigkoftem branded. Comes with Salad, Lemon, Pomegranate Sauce, 2 Lavas Bread (Naan Bread). Made from seasonally collected, naturally dried seasonings and herbs. It has an ideal taste with its balanced seasonings. Comes as Hot and Mild please do not forget to select the type. Shipping everywhere in the United Kingdom using refrigerated packaging for freshness. 
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We are delivering Cig Kofte everywhere in the UK. A great vegeterian alternative to a kofte is this tartar a la la turca (Cig Kofte)

For those who cannot go to Turkey, we are bringing as much as we can to your door. We are working together with Cigkoftem ( ÇiğKöftem ) and proud to introduce their first online service with you. Cigkoftem has been serving all over Turkey since 1993 and they are promising to provide the greatest taste and consistency in their products.

Cig kofte ( Çiğ köfte) is a very specially made authentic style kofte in the south and southeast of Turkey. There are very simple ingredients used in the makin; bulgur wheat, a special hot spice called isot (Urfa Isotu) and ground raw meat with no fat, tendons and sinews.

Cig kofte is a traditional meatball made sometimes with meat sometimes without only made with bulgur and a special type of it for Cig Kofte. Bulgur is really important in making the Cig Kofte and there are many varieties of Bulgur such as Dark, Wholegrain, extra extra course, medium or very fine courses. You can check out them in our store by following Bulgur Viarieties.


Cracked Wheat (65%), tomato paste (18.5%), garlic, parsley, vegetable oil (6.5%), spices (10%) cayenne pepper, cumin, cinnamon, hot pepper flakes, (ISOT a traditional Turkish spice) salt, sweet red pepper, coriander, black pepper, thyme, mint, various dried vegetables.

For Allergens, see ingredients in BOLD ITALIC.

Contains Gluten

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